Marlon Brando

I am not going to waste time explaining this choice.

Gregory Peck

Sigh. Peck had that intellectual look about him that makes me swoon. I loved him in Roman Holiday but I am pretty indifferent towards To Kill A Mockingbird (though he looks good throughout) I think that his most understated role is in On the Beach … uniforms never hurt a mans appearance!

Montgomery Clift

Clift is probably the least know actor on my list. But he is totally worth a look. Monty played a priest in I Confess and I can say that he made me want to rip the floor length cassock right off his body. The films I Confess and From Here to Eternity should be watched. 

Jimmy Stewart

He was dopey and silly but completely sexy … and his uniform wearing days were pretty fantastic too. I couldn’t find any good pictures of Stewart in his WWII uniform. But trust me. It is a sight. (Oh, Rear Window and Vertigo are must sees.)

Humphrey Bogart

Bogey had that air of danger about him. Was he on the good side or the bad? It didn’t matter though - he always had some good looking woman on his arm so it didn’t bother the ladies. And really? Who can resist him in Casablanca?

Cary Grant

Every lover of classic films (and the actors) has more than likely seen a Cary Grant film. Now Grant is probably in my top five of sexy classic Hollywood actors. He always played the more grouchy characters but that didn’t matter (Arsenic & Old Lace, Operation Petticoat, Father Goose, etc) since it was always done with his trademark sarcastic humor.

John Wayne

Most would probably say that John Wayne is a weird one to add to the list. But come on! He is the quintessential rugged American cowboy. Who doesn’t like that?! He could totally save you from thugs or wayward natives and look good doing it. (Oh and if you haven’t seen The Quiet Man you should. Great movie. He also shows of his skills of carrying women over his shoulders like a caveman. And that’s a good thing.)

Jack Lemmon

Ah Jack Lemmon … still remained sexy while dressed in drag (Some Like It Hot for you film neanderthals.) He too, like Curtis, was a funny man. I think it is the grin and laugh that gets me.

Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis is what I would consider ‘funny man’ sexy. He was also slightly effeminate but at the same time you knew he was all man. It is an interesting dynamic that makes him worthy of my list.